The magic of a starry night with the BOLERO AVENTURINE

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the BOLERO timepiece reveals itself in its new haute couture gown. Sombre, luminous and hypnotic, blending the legendary Spanish dance with the craftsmanship of the Venetian islands, BOLERO AVENTURINE radiates the magic of every precious instant with every movement of your wrist. The character of this timepiece immediately identifies it as belonging to CENTURY’s PRECIOUS ELEGANCE collection, dedicated to exceptional jewellery watches with strong personalities

AFFINITY, the watch that accompanies you at all times

A feeling of intimacy in every moment. With AFFINITY, CENTURY offers women a watch designed to accompany them as they fulfil the potential of every hour and seize the opportunities of every instant.

PRIME TIME in Cruise mode

An iconic CENTURY collection, PRIME TIME blends beauty and elegance day after day with rubber and CENTURY sapphire for an elegance that defies the passing of time.